Sol Education Centre is the new place to enrich your child's school education. It is a vibrant, friendly and safe wonderland located at The Palazzo, Sha Tin, New Territories. Our mentoring team fosters learning through English and Science courses to kindergarteners, primary and early secondary children.

Reaching Your Full Potential

At Sol Education, we incorporate virtues learning within all our teaching programmes. These virtues instill and encourage individuals to grow with confidence and strive to lead a good life. With this knowledge, students gain a greater sense of self-esteem which enables them to embrace new skills and integrate excellence into their learning and ethics.

All our programmes are modified to suit the requirements of the individual. In conjunction with your specifications and the key areas identified during our assessments, our mentors will ensure students are given adequate support and guidance where necessary.

We have a process in place with all our teaching mentors which manages and facilitates the learning progression of each student during the course of the programme. Personal assessments and observations are made to ensure this development is continuous.


在 Sol Education,每一個課程中都融入了品德教育來薰陶孩子自信地成長,養成良好的生活方式。通過品德知識,學生會更加懂得自尊、自信、自愛,這些都會讓他們在以後的學習與生活上變得更優秀。

我們所有課程都因材施教,綜合孩子多方面的特點和通過各種測試而了解 每位孩子的情況,導師也會確保每一個學生都在學習的過程中獲得最全面的知識。


Please call 2408 8993 or come visit us for enquiries and enrollment

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